Food Panda Launches A Massive Food Donation Campaign: Simply Comment And They’ll Donate!

In honour of World Food Day, a day dedicated to finding solutions to combat hunger, online food ordering company Food Panda has begun a campaign which will allow people to donate essential food items such as potatoes and pulses to local food banks.



















The campaign, called ‘You Say, We Give’, encourages people to post a comment on their choice of donation (rice, flour, potatoes, pasta and pulses) on their Facebook pages. For each comment, Food Panda will donate a kilogram of the selected food to local food banks.

If the user shares their comment and the donation on their own Facebook page, Food Panda will double the amount of food donated from that user. It’s really that simple! The platform is open until October 22nd, so head to your local Food Panda page and get commenting!

Publicado por foodpanda / hellofood em Terça-feira, 13 de outubro de 2015