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Which Food Ordering App Do You Use? #POLL


“Phones are getting smarter, people are getting dumber”

A lot of us may not agree with the latter, but the former statement is true AF. Phones are getting smarter and thanks to all the technology we now have half the world on our fingertips. Whether it’s traveling, shopping, entertainment, or simply making our lives easier, technology has proven to be nothing short of a boon in the process. One such major ‘ease of existence’ comes in the form of apps. Food ordering apps, to be precise.

Not only has online – or mobile – food ordering widened our eating horizon, but has also made the ordering and delivery process a lot quicker and smoother. We don’t have to physically move an inch or even a-for-alpha and b-for-beta on the phone, just a few taps and our favourite food from the restaurant of our choice hits the stove and is on its way to our doorstep. All this by simply owning a smartphone and being well-equipped with a handy food ordering app, which by the way are many. So, which one do you prefer?

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