Which Of These Foodie Movies Can You Watch & Re-Watch? #POLL

Movies transport you to a whole other realm, especially if it is a well-made movie. A few of the elements that make a good movie a great movie is the screenplay and how the director plays around on the screen. And there are instances when the subject is not the actor but something non-living. Like food. And we all know why we binge-watch the good food movie. And also, what makes them so re-watchable (if that’s even a word, but you get what I mean).

Movies revolving around food, drinks, and candies are many but there are only a few that really made us want to reach into the screen and grab a bite from. For instance, the 2009 masterpiece Julie & Julia not only took through he lives of two people but also so beautifully incorporated food into the whole scenario that we could almost smell Julia Child’s butter browning! And then there are animated wonders like Ratatouille and Cloudy With A Chance of Meatballs that sent us running to the kitchen for a snack.anigif_enhanced-19838-1424966174-25

And then there are many a food-centric movies that sent our salivary glands and our expectations with pie (yes, we’re talking about The Waitress) and Pork Cubanos (cue, Jon Favreau’s Chef) into overdrive. So, which of these movies can you watch on replay time and again? Vote and let us know!

Feature Image: Jerry’s Kitchen