Food Hopping Between Pandals Is The New Festive Trend In Mumbai

The pandal hopping and playing dandiya during Navratri has been one the highlights in Mumbai but yet another trend has emerged this year. According to a report by the Indian Express, foodies are pandal hopping to try authentic Bengali and Gujarati fare too. On the other hand, retail websites have also seen a 50 percent rise in the sale of food items along with services like Tripxoxo offering pandal hopping along with chef services that give visitors a chance to relish authentic fare as well as upvas meals.

Durga Puja Food Hopping

Every festive season I like to try something new. This time I am opting for the pandal hopping experience and would like to try the Bengali food offered at these pandals. I plan to do this along with my office colleagues,”  Vijay Kumar, a design consultant staying in Vashi told the Indian Express. The report also says that a pandal hopping experience complete with food costs Rs.900 to Rs.4000 and authentic Bengali fare includes dishes like cholar dal, luchi, mustard fish curry and bhapa doi.

Food Hopping Between Pandals Is The New Festive Trend In Mumbai

“On the ninth day of the festivities, I am expecting many guests at my home. Usually on Navratri, we used to head back to our village in Gujarat to celebrate. However, we are unable to go this time and therefore I am trying out this new option of getting a cook and feasting on some good Gujarati cuisine,” Meena Shah, a Ghatkopar resident who has hired a Brahmin chef told the Indian Express.

“We have got a good response from visitors who are new to the city and are keen to undertake such experiences. We have received at least 12 bookings for such trips and have received multiple queries,” Heena Akhtar, founder of Tripxoxo told the publication.