Food Hack : Make a Walking Taco

The Walking Taco, more commonly known as the Frito Pie is a genius creation that allows you to convert a simple bag of nacho chips into a party for your mouth!

These are the simple steps to assembling your own :

  • Get yourself a bag of your favourite flavour of nachos. Tear open the bag any which way you like. Some people like to get creative by making a slit on the side of the bag
  • Prep your fixins : These can go from any of the basics like Lettuce, Sour cream, Cooked beans, Shredded cooked meat and Salsa to any of your own wacky cravings. Pineapple and jalapeno maybe. Or red Cabbage and Avocado. Maybe even some Kimchi and poached Chicken for a Korean twist.
  • Add in your cheese. Grated cheese that can hold its own is best for this hack. You want the cheese to be able to hold it own.
  • Add in a bunch of freshly chopped herbs an a squeeze of lime. These two ingredients are very important as they provide a fresh zingy burst of flavour.
  • Customize further with some added toppings. maybe a spice mix powder or some chopped green chillies (if you can handle it), Maybe you like it a bit more saucy and want to add in some gravy. Its all up to how crazy creative you can get.
  • Some options for more toppings : Olives, spring onions, green peppers, shredded carrots, a touch of hummus, pickled veggies.
  • Once it is all in the bag, twist the ends together and give it a good old shake!
  • Open, grab your fork and dig in! The perfect partner to your sports match or movie on Tv.