Food Delivery By Drones In India Won’t Begin Anytime Soon

Food Delivery By Drones In India Won’t Begin Anytime Soon

The ministry of civil aviation, Government of India have laid down regulations for the commercial use of drones in the country but food delivery through them is not going to happen anytime soon reports F&B News. Many firms were vouching for drone delivery to become a reality but it seems that they’ll just have to wait.

Drone Won’t Deliver Food

“The use of drones will be permitted in sectors like agriculture, health and disaster relief, under new regulations which shall come into force from December 1, but the delivery of payload, including food items, will not be permitted as of now,” the ministry said in a statement reports F&B News. Meanwhile Uber in the United States is testing the drone technology for food delivery and Alibaba’s meal arm in China has also managed to make successful food delivery through drones in Shanghai.

Delivering food through drones is a very unique and a novel concept. It is cost-effective, delivery is on time and the customer gets a very tech-savvy experience. However, drones can have a flip side too, as they can’t carry too much weight in one go, and if there is any technical failure, there is no one to take care of it,” said Ravneet Tuteja, owner of 501 Kitchen, a Noida-based delivery chain while speaking to F&B News.

On the other hand Zoheb Vijray of Gurgaon-based delivery kitchen, Chadha Aunty and Sons told the publication that, “As a delivery kitchen ourselves, it would be a milestone event in the history of the delivery service. Its functionality is something that we can take forward and discuss as a delivery kitchen community, but it definitely comes to us as a surprise.”

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