What Do Your Food Cravings Say About You?

You go out for a meal with a friend. While you’re drooling over the dessert menu your friend can’t wait to taste the spicy main course. Do your opposing favorite food flavors play a role in your strong friendship? Maybe. Research has shown that your favorite food may provide insight into your personality. So, it’s possible that the different taste preferences that you and your friend have indicate personalities that complement each other. Read on to find out what your favorite food says about you.

1) Sweet


If you find yourself looking forward to dessert even while working your way through your appetizer and main course then research indicates that you have an eager to please personality. In one study, participants who ate something sweet were more willing to participate in the study than those who didn’t. If you love chocolate then the chances are that you’re a romantic at heart.

2) Spicy


A Penn State study indicates that people who like spicy food are more likely to be risk takers. The study found that students who enjoyed spicy flavors scored high on risk taking behavior in a test.

3) Salty


If your favorite meal is a plate of fries  or some pretzels or you like to snack on bags of chips then you may tend to ‘go with the flow’. Alan Hirsh, a researcher on taste and smell treatment, stated that people who enjoy salty food believe that most events are out of their control and so tend to be laid back.

4) Fat and Proteins


Do you find yourself gorging on meat, fish and eggs? Researchers at the Monell Chemical Senses Center suggest that you may be craving social interaction as heavy meals are often enjoyed at long lunches or breakfasts with family and friends.

5) Bitter


If you actually enjoy munching on bitter vegetables then researchers at City University in New York believe you tend to judge situations and people more harshly than others would.