Food Contractor Of Pune Hostel Runs Away With Students’ 60 Thousand Rupees

Food Contractor Of Pune Hostel Runs Away With Students’ 60 Thousand Rupees

The students living in a hostel located in Hadapsar in Pune has pooled in Rs.60, 600 and given it to their food contractor in order to continue their supply of meals. According to the report by The Indian Express, the contractor has run away with the students’ money thus leaving them without food. The hostel is run by the Tribal Development Department.

No Food For Hostel Students

“The contractor was supposed to serve us our meals at the hostel. Instead of the government, the students were paying the contractor,” said Yadav Dudule, a resident of the hostel while speaking to The Indian Express. “Repeated calls to the contractor went unanswered and the hostel warden had no idea about it… most of the tribal students come from families below the poverty line. This incident is stressful for us,” he added.

The report further says that the Tribal Development Department had changed the food supply policy in more than 300 hostels. The change was that instead of appointing contractors, a designated amount was to be transferred into the bank accounts of the students. This move was taken after complaints about the quality of food and unauthorised residents staying in the hostels.

The students had opposed this move and had even marched to Nashik to oppose this change. “If this can happen in a city like Pune, it is anyone’s guess as to what’s happening in smaller towns,” Madan Pathave, leader of the students told the publication adding that the incident that happened at the Hadapsar hostel was the kind that the student body was apprehensive about.

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