Food Consumer Brands To Standardize Labels

Big consumer goods like Kellogg, Wal-Mart, Nestle and Unilever have planned to standardize food date labels in order to reduce food wastage reports Economic Times. On the standardized labels on the food products there will be expiry date mentioned for the perishable items and for the non-perishable ones, the food quality indicator will be present according to a statement by the Consumer Goods Forum.

The wordings on the labels will be specific to regions. According to the forum, the label confusion causes a loss of about $29 billion to families each year in the US. The country represents around 400 of the world’s largest retailers and manufacturers around 70 countries.

“Simplifying food date labels is an important step forward in preventing food waste, and will help end the confusion related to ‘sell by’ dates,” Maria Fernanda Mejia, Kellogg’s senior vice president, said in the statement. Peter Freedman, the managing director of Consumer Goods added in the statement that simplified and consistent date labels will help the companies to resolve the food wastage by 2025.

Numerous food and drink manufacturers like Mondelez International and Unilever too are standardizing ethical sourcing of raw materials. They are moving away from third-party labels like Fairtrade.