The 10 Best Food Bloggers in Delhi

Here is the list of top food bloggers across New Delhi. This list does not stop with restaurants and street food places in Delhi, it also covers some authentic recipe blogs. It is also to be mentioned that most of these food bloggers do not stop at web blogging, but also very much active in social microblogging sites like facebook, instagram, pinterest, tumblr etc. A perfectly curated list of Delhi’s top food bloggers from HungryForever!

1. Eatstory by Neeru Singh

Neeru Singh is a trained pastry chef and a full-time food writer.  She travels often to cover honest heartfelt food stories from across the country. From a Kashmiri Wazwan to a traditional Himachali Dham feast.  She has trained her palate for diversity and a deeper understanding of flavours and cuisines.  From working with Vir Sanghvi, one of the most prolific food writers in India, to making it to ‘The Best Food Blogs of Delhi’, the commitment to original and engaging content has paid off.


2. Chic Life Byte by Nidhi Arora, Shilpa Arora & Shubham Arora

Nidhi, Shilpa and Shubham Arora, the co-founders of Chiclifebyte, have introduced their readers to the best food that Delhi has to offer. Each one of their posts is a combination of stunning food pictures and beautifully penned content. What’s more, they’ve also made a name for themselves in fashion and lifestyle domain!


3. Delhi Fun Dos by Sundeep & Bedabrata

Started by two food enthusiasts, fun-dos has everything related to food, travel and events happening in Delhi NCR. They have been judges on Burrp food awards for Delhi NCR.


4. Chashmish Reviews by Aarti Bhatia

One loves taking gastronomical trips and the other loves capturing moments in her never-ending storage! Together, they are ready to explore the world of flavors, food, cultures, architecture & a lot more!


5. Foodelhi by Karan Marwah

What started as a small food blog, is now one of the biggest names in Delhi. Karan Marwah’s love for food is evident from his heartfelt posts and recommendations for his loyal readers. Foodelhi is now an online magazine covering some of the best recreational options for foodies.


6. Happiness is Homemade by Preetika Gupta

Preetika Gupta loves to cook and cooking has been her passion all through her life. It was her love, which she made edible for us.



7. The Bhojan Lane by Chetna

Chetna is a big time foodie and clicks awesome pictures of the food she eats wherever she goes. Although she is a law student, she has an inclination towards the blogging world. She is a great photographer too. This allows her to click great pictures of the lip smacking dishes that she tries all over Delhi NCR.


8. Food-dee-dum by Praerna Kartha

Praerna Kartha – a food blogger, photographer and stylist based in New Delhi. Food-dee-dum is a Food Blog full of her adventures in all kinds of food, a discovery of new ways to do things and my take on certain parts of the food industry.


9. Bite-Me-Ang by Ambika

Ambika is a food blogger who covers a wide range of cuisines available in Delhi NCR. She’s a big fan of food festivals, so her readers are always up to date about the latest grub offerings in town. She covers all types of food events and restaurants, ranging from glittery cafes to lip-smacking street food.


10. Sequin and Sangria by Mahima Agarwal

Mahima Agarwal is a Journalism Graduate who is also a budget foodie in New Delhi.  She sees, reads, watches, eats, experience anything that makes her happy.


That’s it for now folks!


Disclaimer: Please note that this list is indicative and non-exhaustive, and not based on any particular order.