This Dessert Has Become The Latest Make Up Inspiration For Beauty Bloggers! #POLL

Trends often have a way of hop skipping over from one category to another. For example, art makes its way over to food, just how sometimes foods can inspire the arts at the times. For example, the latest make up trend that’s been keeping beauty bloggers busy is the ice cream make up. We know, it’s a little too early in the year for Halloween, but ain’t nobody gonna wait for trick o’ treat!

The make up trend was first spotted on social media back in 2014 but has recently picked up pace again as bloggers and make up artists started doing some super creative and gorgeous looks inspired by ice cream scoops and waffle cones. Take a look!

And all this gelato and vivacity right in time for summer! Maybe that’s what got all these artists interested in the trend once again. Also, given the fact that the make up space has seen some pretty, well, off beat trends (yes, we’re looking at you condom and tampon beauty blenders), this one’s still seems like something that could inspire a few spring break parties!

What say? Are you on board with this sugary make up trend? Vote below and let us know your take on it!

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Feature Image: Pinterest