‘Food Adulterers in Maharashtra will face Life Sentence as a Maximum Punishment’ – FDA Maharashtra

The Food and Drug Administration of Maharashtra announced that they would soon make the maximum punishment for food adulteration a life sentence.

Maharashtra was found to be ranked second in the country for the levels of food adulteration in the state. Congress Member Sanjay Dutt raised the issue that food adulteration had increased drastically in the last three years and urged the authorities to take action.

Not As Pure as Milk

Pearly Neo notes in Food Navigator that the most common adulterants found were White paint, detergent and caustic soda, especially found in milk and other dairy products. Over two thirds of dairy products were found to be adulterated, the levels peaking during festive season.

The Prevention of Food Adulteration Act, which has been amended many times before, will soon be amended to grant a maximum sentence of life imprisonment for extreme cases of food adulteration.

Read more about the action taken against milk adulteration in the past here.


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