An In-Flight Air India Trolley Was Found With Drugs At Delhi Airport

Air India has seen its share of (vegetarian) rough times and if reports are to be believed, the national carrier won’t have it easy anytime soon. In what is being touted as an “insider’s job”, an in-flight Air India food trolley was found with a mysterious packet containing narcotic substance was found in the food trolley of an Air India flight at Delhi airport on Thursday.

The mishap, which reeks of a massive security breach, has not only raised some serious health concern but has also left people wondering just how the package found its way there. And though at first take it seems like narcotic substance, the Customs department is still testing and verifying the found stuff.

An In-Flight Air India Trolley Was Found With Drugs At Delhi AirportImage: India Today 

According to sources close to the incident, there was a tip-off after which Customs intercepted a brown packet in the lower row of the food trolley. An Air India official said that at around noon, the supervisor of Sky Gourmet, Air India’s in-flight catering service provider, noticed two packets hidden beneath the cutlery while moving the trolley from Air India flight number 440 that arrived from Chennai on July 19, reports India Today.

The package, which was immediately seized, weighs close to two kilos and is suspected to have morphine. The Narcotics Control Bureau later verified that the seized packet contained a mixture of morphine weighing around 1895 gm.

While officials have claimed that the responsibility and access to load food trolleys is solely upon employees and cabin crew, it hasn’t been disclosed who really is blamable for the mishap.


Feature Image (representational image): Business Insider