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‘Flavour of Home’: The Story behind a home cooked meal.


She lives in the Arctic and has her dream job of training Huskies,  but sometimes all she wants is her Mom’s home cooked meal.

Meet Carmen. She lives in the Arctic and trains Huskies for a living. Yes, she’s surrounded by these gorgeous animals all day and all night and teaches them how to run a sled. That’s her job. Sounds pretty awesome, doesn’t it? But sometimes homesickness hits her and all she wants is her mom’s home cooked meal. Because let’s face it, nothing beats your mom ‘haath ka khaana’, right?

Well, Knorr knew exactly this, when they released their new film – ‘Flavour of Home’. It’s beautifully shot and to be honest quite tear inducing, especially for those of us who haven’t been home in a while. Does Carmen get her home cooked meal? Does she call her Mom? Watch the short video below and find out.