Which Flamin’ Hot Cheetos Creation Has You Reaching For Water? #POLL

Much like Oreo, the fiery and uber spice Flamin’ Hot Cheetos too has seen its share of variations and experiments in the past few months. Starting from the gorgeous Cheetos quesadillas by Taco Bell Philippines, Burger King’s Cheetos chicken fries and the controversial Mac ‘n Cheetos, to the recent addition that is the flamin’ hot Cheetos pizza, Cheetos fans are having a ball!

Adding to that long list of delicious Cheetos recipes is a dish created by California-based restaurant The Low-Key Poke Joint’s poke burrito that comes covered in Flamin’ Hot Cheetos. The sushi burritos are the delicious lovechild of a sushi and burrito encrusted with crushed Flamin’ Hot Cheetos. That is right, there is now a sushi burrito hybrid doused in edible fire, a.k.a. Cheetos.

13892260_1124898487650134_1239249022152122421_nImage: Facebook | The Low-Key Poke Joint

So now that you’ve got so many Cheetos variations to pick from, which one is your favourite? Vote for the flamin’ hot creation that had you reaching out for a glass of water.

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Feature Image: cookingwithjanica