Five Holistic Approaches to Youthfulness

A youthful appearance is a result of a well maintained body from the inside to the outside. You are what you eat and drink and to get a youthful and ever glowing appearance, there are lifestyle habits that you will need to kick while you may need to embrace new ones; of course, there are habits that you can still uphold for that timeless beauty. The following habits are important for a youthful appearance:

  1. Drinking water

Your blood is mostly made of plasma and plasma is over 90% water. This means that you need water for your body system to function well. Nutrients will be transported fast to the cells and wastes out when there is enough water in the body. There also are other body components that need fluids for their transport.

Your skin is what people look at when they first see you and they say that beauty is skin deep. Therefore, you should hydrate your skin. The skin cells regenerate well when hydrated. Since no one wants to see a chaffed skin when they meet you,you should take more water.

  1. Use the right skin products

Your skin needs to be protected from external conditions and there is no better way of doing this than using skin products that promote cellular growth and regeneration. Your skin also needs hydration to protect cells from excess heat or cold. Therefore, you should use skin product that protect the skin by infusing into the dermal and epidermal cells.

Natural anti-age serum is a great skin care product that protects the skin from harmful UV radiation. It also enhances cellular regeneration. Therefore, your skin cells are regenerated faster than they die. The result is a youthful and glowing skin. Serums are great for your skin because they have essential oils that get into your skin cells keeping your cells rejuvenated.

  1. Eat Vegetables and fruits

Many have spoken about the need for the consumption of vegetables. You should take this seriously because the vegetables and fruits contain anti-oxidants and vitamins essential in fighting off free oxygen radicals that attack skin and body cells. The oxidants make you look old because they cause breakdown and loosening of collages and this you skin’s elasticity. Therefore, you should consume the fruits and vegetables to minimize the natural oxidation processes.

These plant products also have a lot of water important for your skin, they aid in digestion preventing accumulation of toxic gases and compounds in your system.

  1. Exercise

Much has been said about this. It is repeated because of its importance. Exercise is important because it increases your cells’ oxygenation. With an increased lung capacity, your cells get enough oxygen for optimum functioning. Healthy cells are responsible for a firm and glowing skin. Therefore, you should take a few minutes every day for the best looking skin and an ever youthful looking toned body.

  1. Do Good

This may sound like a fallacy but you should try this. Do at least one good act a day or just as often you can. A happy soul results in a happy body and lifted spirits. The result is a youthful look and a glowing face. Therefore, give back to the society, in whichever little way, you will feel the effects. A stress free life is the biggest gift to your body.

In conclusion, healthy body, spirit and soul will make you look youthful and beautiful every day. Avoid negativity and toxic products in and on your body then you will have the most beautiful and youthful appearance.

Author Bio

Alexander Fernandise is dermatologist with five years’ experience in the field. Through research, he has shown that healthy living and eating can help fight skin ailments and reverse aging processes. He also recommends use of natural anti-aging serumto deter aging of skin cells.