‘’Fitness is a vital part of my life”, Miruthan Actor Jayam Ravi On Diet, Fitness & Trainers

Jayam Ravi was recently seen setting the screen ablaze in flicks like ‘Miruthan’,  ‘Thani Oruvan’ and ‘Boologam’ for which he was also bestowed with prestigious accolades. The actor has been experimental with his roles, to say the least. He’ll be a lean mean machine in ‘Peraanmai’ and before you know it he’d have buffed up like a combatant for ‘Boologam’.

Clearly achieving such physical feats is no child’s play and Ravi maintains a strict fitness routine to attaining the same. Read through the actor’s favorite workouts, fitness trainers and his erratic body transformations.jayam-ravi-12


Daily Sweating

The ‘Miruthan’ star begins his day with a filling breakfast that comprises of plenty of juices and fresh fruits to stock up on necessary carbs. Following this, he hits the gym and for almost an hour. “I do cardio for 40 minutes every day, and then do EFX and run the treadmill”, the actor says admitting that he prefers working out in a gym.

As is quite evident, the actor flaunts a rather enviable upper body and especially that shoulder line is enough to get people swooning. This physical fact makes the shoulder press his BFF in the gym.

“I love the shoulder press, probably because I am blessed with a good shoulder line that can handle a lot of weight, compared to my other muscle groups.”CP: Jayam Ravi Stills from 'NIMIRNDHU NIL


Trainer Tales

At the time of ‘Boologam’, Jayam was training with Suresh who also happens to be his favourite trainer. “He has studied fitness and puts a lot of thought into my workouts”, he explains.

Apart from Suresh, the actor also praises his trainer who readied him for ‘Peraanmai’ – Bala. “He would tail me like a shadow, and not let me eat even one extra calorie”, the results of which we saw in the movie.jkhpmsdeeejsi


From Lean To Buff To Everything Tough!

Jayam recalls that shedding a whopping 12 kilos for “Peraanmai” has been one of the most tasking experiences. “During Peranmai, to achieve that lean, mean look, I went off rice, salt and oil for one-and-a-half years.” Whoa, now we know why his trainer needed to shadow him around!

Interestingly, this feat was achieved right after a movie in which Ravi looks rather healthy. “I maintained a perfect diet that was split into six equal meals. I also worked out for four hours a day and lost six kg in the very first week.” *gulps*Boologam Jayam Ravi BodyBuilding Photos

More recently, for his wrestler avatar in ‘Boologam’ the stalwart artist went through a tedious routine in the gym. “I first put on weight, ugly fat, like most boxers do, and then set about sculpting my body. I was conscious about stepping out during that early stage”, he says.


Wow. *Exchanges soda for diet soda*