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FireFin Poke Shop Faces A Complete Shutdown


The going gets tough with food chains, small eateries and even delivery apps for that matter and that is what happened with a growing chain in the US. A brand of FireFin Poke Shop had opened up at Lakeview and now the owners have decided to shut all five of their outlets according to reports by Eater. The chain started in June 2016 and now they had to close down citing that the concept wasn’t making money.

The Disappointment Of The Owners

Firefin was a collaboration between Anshul Mangal and Chef Rodelio Aglibot which has come to startling halt with a complete shutdown five days after a new branch opened up. When questioned by the publication about the timing, Mangal said, “It’s just the economics of the restaurants just weren’t working for us — we felt it was in the best interests of the restaurants to close.”

He further talked about how saddened he was about the shutdown. “I’m disappointed and sad,” Mangal told Eater. “It kind of just sucks all the way around.”

Image Source: FireFin

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