Find Out What Makes Arjun Bijlani So Fond Of Delhi

Delhi, among a list of things, is also popular for its food, especially the street food. And the throngs of people flocking local markets and street food vendors is just a reminder of how much we love our chaats and tikkis. Popular TV actor Arjun Bijlani too agrees with us on Delhi’s street food prowess. In an interview with Hindustan Times, the actor opened up about what makes him so fond of the Capital.

Bijlani, who is a Mumbai native said, “there’s something about the energy of the city” that keeps him coming back. “Coming to Delhi always excites me. This city has an aura of its own and has progressed and changed over the years… It has been special for me as an actor”, Bijlani added.

We have all seen and read of Bijlani’s dedication as a health conscious soul, but despite maintaining a strict eating and workout regime, the 34-year-old confesses that the Capital is his cheat city, given all the delicious food options. “Be it eating Delhi ki chaat or old Delhi’s chhole bhature; the foodie in me has a ball when I’m in Delhi. When I am here, I just can’t avoid cheating. Besides eating, I like shopping here as well, and I often visit Connaught Place. The pace of life in Delhi is very different from that in Mumbai,” he said.

The actor made a mark for himself with TV shows like Left Right Left, Mile Jab Hum Tum, and Naagin, among many others and needless to say went on to create a solid fan base as well. “Apart from my work, it is also the love of the fans that pulls me here. Delhi has a huge television-viewing audience, and the love I get from fans here is something I have not witnessed anywhere else,” he said.


Feature Image: India Forums