11 Mint Recipes to Try This Summer

Mint leaves hold arguably some of the strongest flavors and have garnished food all over the world for as long as we can remember. This fresh leaf is known for more than its action packed flavor and presentation properties though. Mint is incredibly versatile, and can be added to almost any dish whether it is sweet or savory, and will give the entire dish a new flavor twist, brightening it up while also adding a type of richness that other ingredients cannot do with the same nonchalance that mint does. This is because there are so many different types of mint, the most common being spearmint and peppermint, and each type provides a slightly different flavor, hence allowing it to invade the realm of both savory and sweet dishes.

Mint also has a number of health benefits. It acts as a palate cleanser and also help with digestion, soothes stomach inflammation and aids with indigestion. Minty aromas can also relieve nausea, headaches and respiratory issues and coughs, to name a few. So its no wonder mint is a herb that everyone rages over. 2016 has the highest recorded temperatures ever so whats a better way to freshen your taste buds than with these minty treats? Drinks, dessert and main courses, these recipes are perfect for the summer.


Mint couscous


Cook your favorite couscous in hot water and chop up some fresh vegetables like carrots and tomatoes, throw in some olives and mix in some freshly chopped mint to freshen up and give your everyday couscous a Mediterranean touch.


Minty Mojito Fruit Salad


Get your favorite summer fruits, and toss them together with some freshly chopped mint. Drizzle the salad with some lemon sugar dressing. For an added kick, throw the salad into some wine or champagne to create your own mojito. We recommend using watermelon, berries or oranges. 


Mint Gelato


Your favorite ice cream, now in gelato form. Blend some heavy cream, whole milk and a cautious amount of freshly chopped mint leaves. Pop it in the ice cream churner and allow it to chill for a few hours. If you want, you can add some chocolate chunks into it too.


Berry Mint Julep


Blend together some berries of your choosing, fresh mint, bourbon and sugar and strain it and pour over a glass filled with ice cubes and garish with some fresh mint and berries. Delicious!


Mint Chimichurri



Replace the parsley that’s in a traditional chimichurri with mint leaves for a new twist on an old classic. Blend and marinade away!


Pineapple Mint Granita


Blend some pineapple (or any other soft fruit) until its liquefied and heat and cool some chopped mint leaves. Stir them together and freeze the juice. Once its frozen, scrape the ice out to create grantia like shavings.   


Lamb Chops with Mint Gremolata


Marinate some lamb chops (but any meat will do) with some mint gremolata. Just crush some garlic, lemon, mint and salt together and apply a generous amount on top of the meat.


Watermelon Mint Martini


Squeeze out extract from mint leaves, shake together lemon juice, vodka, simple syrup and the extract together with blended watermelon squares and serve in a chilled glass with some fresh mint to garnish for a refreshing alcoholic drink.


Melon, Mint and Cucumber Smoothie


Pair three refreshers together to get the ultimate summer cooler.  Just puree the three together, tasting as you go and add some honey for sweetness. Healthy and delicious.


Honeydew and Mint Ice


Puree some lemon, melon and sugar and mix in some finely chopped mint. Freeze it and serve as a granita.


Citrus Mint Tea


Fill a pitcher with hot water and throw in some tea bags and sprigs of mint.  After a few minutes, remove the tea bags and mint and add sugar, lemon and orange juice. Chill and then serve with fresh mint to garnish.