A Female-Run DC Distillery Has Released A Rye Inspired By Hillary Clinton

When Hillary Clinton was campaigning and on the trail to win the 2016 elections, a female-run distillery in Washington D.C spent months creating something worthy of celebrating the first female President of the United States. When the election happened and everything went topsy-turvy, releasing the spirit made no sense.

Rachel Gardner and Pia Carusone of Republic Restoratives have decided to move forward and release their specially concocted whiskey named Rodham Rye. It will go on sale today in a limited batch of 4,652 bottles. This whiskey honours Hillary Rodham Clinton in all her glory.

According to Grub Street, Carusone said that they’re releasing the whiskey now because the Rodham Rye is a celebration of women in general and releasing it in the month of March is also a way to celebrate Women’s History Month. “Rye is the sturdiest of all the grains, the grain that will grow in the most harsh conditions and still thrive,” Carusone told The Huffington Post.


As explained on their Facebook page, “the rye is made from a blend of whiskies that are stronger together than apart”. And the result is said to be spicy and sweet, with vanilla and cinnamon notes. 

And what’s even better is that 5% fromevery sale of $79 bottle goes to EMILY’S List, an organisation that supports pro-choice Democratic women running for office!

Editors Note: Earlier we had mentioned that the whiskey had been sweetened with maple syrup, however that information was incorrect and we have rectified it.