Feel The Gingerbread Feeling With Pop Tarts’ New Limited Edition Flavour

The holiday season is drawing near and we’re incredibly excited. Tons of exciting goodies are coming out, yes the edible kind, and we cant imagine how many cookies, ice creams, cakes, and more we’re going to have to get through until Christmas! Pop Tarts, the much loved sugary treat, is celebrating the holidays too and they’ve just come out with an exciting holiday flavour. Gingerbread! What better way to get excited than to have that warm feeling of gingerbread close to you as the season draws near? 


According to Pop Tarts’ official website, poptarts.com, “The holiday spirit tastes like Gingerbread. It features a golden, gingerbread-flavored crust filled with creamy frosting and is topped with fun winter images.” 

We’re super thrilled and can’t wait to see these in stores near us. In the meantime, tell us what your favourite Pop Tarts flavours are!