Feel Romantic This Weekend In Bangalore At These Date Spots

Friday night is world’s official date night. Whether you are out on a date with that special old someone or if you are trying to impress that new someone, it is crucial in picking the right spot to impress whoever you are trying to woo. A bad choice in a place could ruin the entire night.

Here are a few places that can make your night instead of breaking it.

Big Brewsky

Remember those nice mellow nights with a special person near small lakes, under starry nights and a good basket of fresh sandwiches and exotic red wine – as shown in romantic chick flicks and movies? Well, you might not get that kind of place in a bustling city like Bengaluru but Big Brewsky offers you something much similar to the dream date of your love.

Well-spaced and an illuminated bar, a fishpond and a place which offers you great food and nearly perfect food (if you consider perfection is unachievable!). Make your date night ultra special by booking your table beside the pool, ordering from their amazing pork menu (Try the slow cooked Malnad Pork or just the BBQ Pork), India Pale Ale and end it on a sweeter note with the Walnut Brownie.


Bricklane Grill

For all you guys who have women with imperial tastes – Bricklane Grill is the place where you must intensify your romance. White interiors balanced with perfect green creepers and little daisy flowers will evoke the time of the beautiful Greek era.

The roof top restaurant with a pool view is complimented by their short and sharp Mediterranean, Parsi and Italian menu. Try their signature pizzas, crispy fried lotus stems, fish tikka and pair them with Bricklane LIIT or Whiskey Elder Flower Collins.


Om Made Café

A nice peaceful evening is what every couple desires; a day where they can escape their busy schedule. Om Made Café is a European rooftop café will help you relax and cater your every mood with simple interiors and a dream view of the neighbourhood under the silver or the enigmatic moonlit sky.

The menu will impress any health freak and yet give an added boost to your taste buds. Make sure to try their signature Croquet Monsieur, Char Cheese Risotto, Rosemary Chicken Breast and pair it with the ever-gorgeous red Shiraz.


Fatty Bao

Who doesn’t like cuddly Pandas? If you are the fun kind, keep this place in your bucket list to tickle your quirky belly. Situated amidst the gastropub capital of Bengaluru, Indiranagar, The Fatty Bao has decorated their walls with zany art and multi-colored interiors, bursting at the seems with youthfulness even through their menu.

Jasmine Rice, Chicken and Egg Ramen with black noodles (Freaky but it looks and tastes exotic) and Dancing Prawns should be on your table. End your dinner with their Fatty Wall or Warm Fig with Canted Ginger Pudding. The scrumptious Asian menu and their offbeat contouring will always lend you to a different dining adventure.



There is nothing that complements your date night better than warm seating in breezy outdoors and for that extra special magic, Bene is the place to check out.

An authentic Italian experience, Bene delivers Italian pizzas handcrafted to perfection. With an exquisite variety of toppings and sumptuous desserts, Bene takes you back to the old Italy.