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Feast Your Eyes On Miniature Cooking, The Latest Food Trend From Japan  


We’re hearty eaters. Nothing makes us happier than a monster burger, accompanied by a heaving dish of fries with an industrial amount of ketchup. So, when we came across the latest food trend in Japan; kawaii cooking, we were a little sceptical.

In kawaii cooking, chefs use doll house sized utensils to cook a tiny, often gourmet meal. Our trysts with the Japanese have shown us that they love anything ‘kawaii’, which loosely translated means ‘cute’. Well, that’s no different from the rest of us, who are quick to pronounce a child, a top or even a car cute, is it?

But, the Japanese have gone one step further to create kawaii meals that take an immense amount of time and patience. It’s quickly spread over the world, and is also called miniature cooking. We found a few videos of miniature cooking, and we have to say, even with our hearty eating tendencies, we’re converted. Check out these videos and we’re sure you’ll feel the same way.

Shrimp Tempura

Baby shrimps get coated with a tiny amount of batter and then fried to golden perfection in a finger sized frying pan. We’d like about a hundred of those, please.

Fried Egg and Meat

In the absence of a mini cooking stove, the chef uses a candle to fry up some meat. Served with scrambled eggs, this meal would be perfect with a tiny glass of orange juice!


Allow us to use our imagination and imagine a party of mice enjoying these burgers with some beer while watching a football game.


Perfect for those that are on a diet but still want to enjoy the deliciousness that is a slice of pizza.


These donuts would be the perfect dessert for those on a diet; they would contain only about half a handful of calories.

Red Velvet Cupcakes

We’re astounded by the amount of skill required to make these fingernail sized cupcakes!


Finish off your meal by cooling down with a finger sized glass of sundae.