Feast On Biryani In A Bottle At The Radisson Blu Atria


Biryani comes in many forms, in many different styles with many different accompaniments. With millions of Biryani lovers in the country, there is always room for invention, space for creativity and a fresh perspective of how best to preserve the flavours of that subtle, aromatic creation!

Now, you can try biryani in a different avatar because the team at the Radisson Blu Atria are changing things up with a unique way to chow-down your favorite dish! Hence, Chef Kasiviswanathan of Radisson Blu Atria presents to you Biryani in a Bottle! The Bottle Biryani is an invention to ensure a step by step sensory experience to ensure that one savors the experience!

The bottle allows you enjoy a visual delight, even before you open the lid to let some of the delicate aroma escape and taste the shudh melted ghee trickle down through the layers to give you the ultimate experience of enjoying one of the most popular dishes on the subcontinent! Part of the ‘Spoil Yourself’ buffet at the One Atria Cafe, Biryani in a Bottle is sure to be a star attraction this season!

Venue: One Atria Café , Radisson Blu Atria Bengaluru

Price: Lunch buffet at 899 + taxes and Dinner buffet at 1299 + taxes


For Reservations: Call – 08022205205