Feast On A Buffet Fit For A King At The Radisson Blu Atria

If you’re a bit of a picky eater, and have difficulty choosing what you want to eat, a buffet can be an excellent way to make sure you leave feeling satisfied! The Radisson Blu Atria knows exactly what a hungry customer wants with their new lunch and dinner buffet that’s got something for everyone!

A menu to appeal to a global audience is what the lunch and dinner buffet at the Radisson Blu Atria Bengaluru is focused on. From sugar-free desserts to salads rich in Omega 3, to popular dishes from Mexico and the enchanting Orient, the spread is nothing less than a feast for all your senses.

What awaits you when you walk into the One Atria Café is a very thoughtfully designed buffet which keeps in mind health with lean salads like the Sear fish and Orange salad, a high protein dish like the minced beef roulade with exotic dry fruits, a spicy and creamy dish like the Mexican potato and the Sugar free Arabic Custard, to name a few! So, if you’re looking to fill up, with a great selection of dishes, then head to the One Atria Cafe for a feast fit for a king!

Price: Lunch buffet at 899 + taxes and Dinner buffet at 1299 + taxes

Venue: One Atria Café , Radisson Blu Atria Bengaluru

Time: Lunch 12:30 PM onward

Dinner 7:00 PM onward

For Reservations: Call – 08022205205