Feast On Bohri Delicacies In Mumbai with TBK

The days of Ramzan are long gone and we’re still raving about the Mohammed Ali Road feast with all it’s grandeur and lip smacking food. If you miss the good old days too and want to indulge in a lavish, meaty Bohri feast then look no further than The Bohri Kitchen.

Bite into smoked mutton pattice, chicken shahi rolls and delve into succulent Raan in Kaju Masala, Daal Gosht and Chawal at Nafisa’s humble abode in Colaba. Watch as she serves up amazing, drool worthy dishes in front of you! She’s the pride of Colaba and the reason why TBK is such a success.

You can click here for the complete menu and book here for 15th July or here if 16th July is your preference. Charged at Rs. 1700 per head, the quantity, quality and taste is worth the price.