Feast All Day At Tilt All Day In Mumbai

Of late, the Kamala Mills Compound in Lower Parel has seen the opening of a variety of new eateries and bars, such as the all vegetarian Sky View Cafe and the Texas-themed Old Wild West. Amidst these newbies on the block, sits Tilt All Day, a seasoned restaurant that has gathered its share of loyal customers and established its own identity.
When it opened its doors in Mumbai in 2013, Tilt All Day quickly became a lounge-goers favourite for its spacious, eclectic interiors and European, Mediterranean and Italian fare.

Over two years on, we caught a cab to Lower Parel and stepped into Tilt All Day to revisit their fare. Immediately, we noticed that the restaurant had hosted a party the night before for a customer’s birthday, revealing that it maintains its loyal customer base.  It still ticks off the right boxes when it comes to tasteful, expansive interiors as well as when it comes to courteous staff.


After settling into a spacious booth, we poured over the menu while sipping one of the restaurants house cocktails – the Perfect Storm, a refreshing combination of vodka and muddled fruit juices.

Of Salads & Starters

We settled on starting with the Pulled Chicken Salad, along with the Three Way Calamari Platter and a plate of Bruschetta with Mushrooms. The chicken salad was the perfect way to kick off our meal – tossed with caramelised walnuts and an orange glaze it was a good balance between sweet and citrusy.


The calamari platter was similarly impressive; while one serving of calamari was deep fried in a crust, another was cooked in a sweet and sour sauce while the third was tossed a heady, spicy sauce.


Our (surprisingly, vegetarian) favourite starter, however, was the bruschetta, a dish made up of crusty, seasoned bread topped with a creamy yet light serving of seasoned mushrooms. 


To The Mains

For our main course, we were heavily tempted by the green tea infused Scottish salmon, the fusili vodka pomodori and the minced lamb flatbread, but settled eventually on the uber enticing New Zealand Lamb Chops dish and the server recommended Herb Grilled Basa. The New Zealand lamb chops lived up to our eager expectations; incredibly tender and glazed with a tasty wine based sauce, they were accompanied by a zangy tomato salad.


The well-seasoned grilled basa was served with crunchy asparagus sticks and a delicious, unique leek fondue that we particularly enjoyed.


The Finish Line

Seeing that we had begun clutching our stomachs and groaning (the portions at Tilt All Day are pretty darn generous), our server suggested we round off our meal with the chocolate lava shot – a perfectly sweet ending made of liquid, rich chocolate topped with a scoop of vanilla ice cream.


When it was first launched, Tilt All Day was primarily a bar that served some great cocktails and quick bites. Today, Tilt All Day has grown into its name by becoming an all day and late night eatery that, along with its house cocktails serves some exciting, delicious food. They’ve recently released a new brunch menu that makes a visit to the Kamala Mills even more tempting; head on over there for brunch and then continue feasting throughout the day!