FDA Under Scanner For Lack Of Officials In The Dept

FDA Under Scanner For Lack Of Officials In The Dept

A report by the Free Press Journal says that the Comptroller and Auditor General (CAG) has questioned the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) under the government of Maharashtra for its lack of presence of the required food drug inspectors. There was a shortage of 37 percent in the department.

The Lack Of Required Manpower

The report says that the CAG further noted that 20 percent of Assistant Commissioners (Food) and 18 percent Food Safety Officers (FSOs) were present on the establishment as compared to the required number given by the commissioner of the state FDA. “The Drugs Division offices were functioning by giving additional charge to Assistant Commissioners while drug inspectors were also given additional charge of Assistant Commissioners. There was a shortfall of 37 per cent in the post of Drug Inspectors,” said the CAG report.

The Free Press Journal further talks about how the CAG report has also stated that FDA had also not been able to take action on the 1535 drug selling units whose licenses have expired. The report further noted that there were also lag in the conduction of inspections on the Food Business Operators (FBOs), drugs manufacturing and selling units.