FDA finds out that most Dark Chocolate is Lying.

Dark chocolate is healthy, sexy and classy, but what it is not is ‘milky’. So why is milk hanging out with it? 

Dark chocolate snobs, grab a seat. This could be heartbreaking. The FDA has confirmed that several brands of ‘dark chocolate’ it tested recently, had traces and a whole lot more milk. Most of you are now panicking and checking your dark chocolate labels. You’re now breathing a sigh of relief. “That’s what I thought. Phew.” But what’s strange is that most labels that didn’t mention milk were throwing it in anyway. What! 

Apart from lying to us, these brands could be affecting many a lactose-intolerant person. 

FDA finds out that most Dark Chocolate is Lying.

“First of all, milk-allergic consumers should be aware that a high proportion of the dark chocolates we tested contained milk, even when the label failed to list milk as an ingredient,” researcher Binaifer Bedford said.

Much of the milk traces could be contributed to dark chocolate and milk chocolate sharing the same equipment, but what about the rest?