Which Of These Is Your Favourite Tea Time Biscuit? #POLL

Teatime is a crucial half an hour of every tea-loving creature’s (especially if they are Indian) day. Nothing – absolutely nothing – can come in between that cup of piping hot tea and us. Except for a nice biscuit or cookie, of course. While most of us simply like the biscuit as a condiment to be had with tea, the rest (again, especially if they are Indian) prefer dipping the biscuit to point of dropping the moist lump of flour into the tea.

Eating habits aside, everybody has a preference when it comes to biscuits we like to have with tea. For example, dippers may want something “characterless” (as Kenny Sebastian put it) like Parle-G, while others like the eternal combination of chai and rusk. Which one of these biscuits/cookies is your go-to snack with tea?