Which Is Your Favourite Christmas Candy? #POLL

It’s December already, and it was like just yesterday that 2016 was a day old. But nonetheless, it is the happiest time of the year with the gift shops and candy shops gearing up for a merry merry Christmas. Like all the other festivals and holidays, Christmas (NOT X-Mas), brings along with it a delicious load of snacks, dishes, and candies. And if Halloween can have its own set of yummies – no irrespective of what Gordon Ramsay thinks about them – can Christmas be far behind?

Christmas candies include the rich and indulgent likes of candy canes, chocolate barks, chocolate fudge, peppermint bars, peanut butter cups, and the more. And while a lot of these may sound regular, they are far from it because we’re talking Santa-shaped, sprinkle and sparkle dusted, red-green-white themed candies. So, which of these Christmas candies do you like the most?

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Feature Image: pinkwhen