Faux Sushi makes waves and wins hearts

Save the Blue Fin Tuna

Chef James Corwell can make you think you’re eating fancy sushi when you’re not looking. 


Part of the awareness of the dwindling population of Blue Fin tuna, famous chefs are trying quick and realistic alternatives. Chef Corwell for instance has come out with a faux sushi that uses tomatoes cooked sous-vide to resemble the texture of raw tuna. “Go beyond the cucumber roll,” says Corwell. The ‘fish’ feels exactly like tuna in texture and feel.


Although, he isn’t interested in re-making the meat with vegetables. “I’m not interested in making [plant protein] behave like meat,” referring to ones like the meatless butcher in Minneapolis

Faux Sushi makes waves and wins hearts

Jiro, from Jiro dreams of Sushi, also asks people not to over-fish as part of the same movement.