Fast Food Restaurants In The USA Where you Can Get Some Booze With Your Burger

It’s long been accepted that beer and burgers go together. So do beer and hot dogs, and beer and tacos. It’s surprising, then, how long it took fast food restaurants to begin serving booze. But all that has changed; there’s now a range of fast food joints across the US where you can get a beer (or a glass of wine) with your burger.


Starbucks recently launched a new evening menu, which offers customers wine and craft beers along with their regular coffees. They are rapidly taking the concept all over the States.

Baja Fresh
















This chain of Tex-Mex restaurants offers beer, wine and some cocktails across most of its locations. It hosts happy hours from 3 pm until 8 pm!


Burritos can be bought with a pitcher of beer or a round of margaritas, made with a Mexican spin.

Taco Bell

In one outlet in Chicago, Taco Bell serves cocktails like Twisted Freezes, where customers can choose to make a rum, tequila or vodka based cocktail.

Burger King Whopper Bar

At their speciality Whopper bars, Burger King sells a variety of beers.

McDonalds (In South America)

Some McDonalds outlets in South America serve an airplane sized bottle of wine to enhance a meal of burgers and fries.
















At some locations, Sbarro sells beers along with their pizza.

Shake Shack

Shake Shack offers their own in house beer, Shackmeister Ale, at all their locations along with a variety of wines and location specific beers.

If that weren’t enough to clue you in, we’ve also got to thank VinePair that put together a guide to fast food chains and their alcohol tendencies. Check it out!