Fast Food Industry Is Booming In Pakistan

Fast Food Industry Is Booming In Pakistan

The food franchises are growing in Pakistan due to rise in incomes, more women coming into the workforce according to reports by Bloomberg. It also has to do with the fact that two-thirds of the population is less than 30-years of age, bringing in cultural change and thus the growth of the fast food sector.

Growing Food Industry

“I didn’t try the food” said Naim Anwar to the reporter at Bloomberg emphasising on the fact that he didn’t even have to try the food before buying a local franchisee for Golden Chick. “It turned out very well,” he added. He also said that eating out will soon become a “necessity over the weekdays” and that home-cooked meals would be a luxury of the weekends.

Pizza Hut is also on the verge of making its business double in Pakistan and plans to open 150 stores in the coming five years. By 2021, Food Panda is also planning to deliver food to 2 million people in the country every month. Currently the delivery giant supplies to 4,00,000 citizens on a monthly basis.

“The market is growing, people have more money to spend on fast food — we plan to open more outlets,” said Omar Qadri, chief operating officer at One Potato Two Potato to Bloomberg. “We are still not in a lot of places like Peshawar, Multan. These are big markets we haven’t even entered yet,” he added.


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