Which Fast Food Chain Does The Best Burgers? #POLL

We grew up with Happy Meals, birthday parties and McGrills at Ronald McDonald’s fast food crib. And just when we thought that the McAloo Tikki and McChicken were our SO, KFC came back to the country with a big bucket bang! Along came a few new burgers to dote on; burgers the Indian consumer had hardly ever seen before during the “McD Raj”.

About a decade into the millennium, KFC and McD were the proud rulers of the fast food burger market. Not for long though. The Indian food sphere saw an onslaught of major chains stepping foot in the market and suddenly burger was not synonymous with McDonald’s anymore. A lot of the burger eating population stuck to McD but there is no denying the fact that chains like KFC, Burger King, and Dunkin’ did steal Ronald McDonald’s thunder.

So which burger is your favorite?