A Fantastic Nutella Milkshake in Seconds and you don’t even need a blender

Shake things up!

Is the summer heat getting to you? Have you ever caught yourself dreaming about a milkshake and then the logical part of your brain reminds you about all the work that goes in it, plus how can you forget you don’t have a blender. You sigh and you move on. 

But wait, thanks to the brilliant people at Plated, you don’t need to move on! They have found this fantastic ingenious way to make a nutella milkshake with no blender. Incredulous? We tried it too and it works! 

All you need is a mason jar or a jar whose lid shuts really tight, a spoon of Nutella and a tad bit of upper body strength. 


½ cup milk
1 tablespoon Nutella
2 cups vanilla ice cream

Here’s what you do: 

1. Take the jar and pour the milk into it. Now add the Nutella. 

2. Shake reaallllyy well till it’s evenly mixed. 

3. Now add Vanilla Ice cream and stir for about 30 seconds 

4. Shaky time! 

5. Pour into a glass and taste the divinity