Fans Of Reality Show “The Bachelor” Can Now Sip On Wine Inspired By The Show

In India, watching the Bachelor might not be as exciting as it is in America and other parts of the world, but that still doesn’t take away how exciting it is to have themed wine in our lives. Not too long ago, we were introduced to the wonderful world of Game of Thrones wines and now we have another collection for die-hard fans – The Bachelor Wines.

For fans of the show, these wines come at a really great time, with the next season kicking off at the beginning of January 2017. Named after important elements of the show, the wines are “The Fantasy Suite”, a rich cabernet sauvignon, “One on One”, which is a buttery chardonnay and “The Final Rosé”, which as you can imagine is a rosé.

Wine is the best companion for any television watching experience, but most definitely for something that is so high in stress and tension and excitement. And as they say on the website, “Our dramatic collection of wines were crafted to take you on your own romantic journey as you experience every moment of love, every moment of heartbreak that is THE BACHELOR.”

You can pre-order a bottle, or all three or even get a super pack of your choosing, and they will start shipping on December 14th so that it reaches you just in time for the new season. Also, this wine is only available in 36 states in the US and cost $15.96 each.