Fans of Dave Matthews Band, This Is Your Beer

It doesn’t matter which Dave Matthews Band song is your favourite, just know that this new beer that has been inspired by the band is exactly what you need.

To commemorate the band’s 25th anniversary, Starr Hill Brewery has created the Warehouse Pils that was launched on May 7th at their show in their hometown of Charlottesville, Virginia. The beer is a crisp, dry-hopped German-style pilsner with a malty finish and according to Starr Hill Brewery, “It’s perfect for those warm spring and summer days, as well as enjoying with your favorite DMB song!”


Unfortunately, the beer is only available on draft at Dave Matthews Band shows in Viriginia and if beer is not your scene, then you can always enjoy Dreaming Tree Wines, Dave Matthew’s vineyard which has a pinot noir and a chardonnay.

All proceeds will benefit Bama Works, a community charity foundation founded by the band.

They join bands like Queen, 311 and Hootie and the Blowfish in having a brew created inspired by them.