Fancy Some Beauty & The Beast Inspired Desserts?

In light of Emma Watson’s charm and the sheer magic of fairy tales, I’m going to assume that we all have at least read – if not watched – Beauty & The Beast. If you haven’t then please be gone, this one’s not for you (no offence. Okay, maybe a little). The rest of you Beauty & The Beast fans, buckle up for some majorly fantastic news!

An Anaheim (CA)- based café has designed a special limited-period dessert menu that draws inspiration from the fantasy tale. The spread boasts of an array of beverages and eats for the imaginatively inclined. For example, the café serves a bright yellow milkshake topped with an edible red rose (of course) called The Beauty Shake; and a similar vanilla cake called The Vanilla Belle Cake for ardent Belle fans, who were floored by the damsel’s iconic yellow gown. According to Cosmopolitan, the café has added an assortment of sweet treats that pay homage to Belle, the Beast, and more not only in flavour but also with special finishing touches.


Further, fans of the charming Beast can sink their hooks into Blue Velvet offering, which is the café’s Beast-inspired take on the classic red velvet cake. And much like the Vanilla Belle Cake, this too has a milkshake version. And apart from these cakes and milkshakes, there are gorgeous little edible tidbits like decorated cookies and an enchanted rose hot cocoa.

Crème & Sugar’s owner, Joanna Czikalla explained that she wanted to create desserts that would stir up a little magic for her customers. “People want to feel magical and happy, and I want to help them get there. Kids, teens, and adults all come into my shop looking for that feeling,” Czikalla told Cosmopolitan. “Once they get [their drink] I see the looks on their faces, and it’s pure happiness.”

This is not the first time that this gorgeous little café is making dreams come true. Sometime last year, it weighed in on the unicorn trend with its totally Instagram-worthy Unicorn Lattes featuring pastel rainbow marshmallows and sprinkles.


Feature Image: Media Stinger