Fall in Love at BYLI- Bet You Love It

Have you heard of the saying – ‘If you’ve got it, flaunt it”? Well, that’s exactly what BYLI was thinking when they named themselves, well, BYLI – Bet You Love It. They had us at their name. It’s subtle, but it’s there, that tiny taunting little element, which almost makes you want to prove them wrong. You walk in thinking, “I bet I won’t love it”, but there’s more to BYLI than just the name.  There’s a reason they chose the name and we got to experience it first-hand.
 Fall in Love at BYLI- Bet You Love It
BYLI was started by ex-hotelier and food enthusiast Nirmal who decided to bring his own twist to the ever expanding restaurant business in the city. The interiors are very creatively designed with an indoor and outdoor seating furnished with dark wood and beautiful hanging lamps. They even have an attractive outdoor water fountain by the tables which would be ideal for the summer. The walls are painted with food quotes that spell out the theme for the café – quirky, light and fun.
Spend the time waiting for your order to arrive by reading what’s on the the walls or ask the waiter to bring over some games for you to play with your friends. The walls took up most of the little time we spent on waiting for our food. Oops, we forgot to mention what our order was. Well, that’s what happens when the décor of a restaurant is this interesting. We started off by ordering a few chillers- Pom-Berry Belini (Pomegranate syrup sweet & sour, ginger ale) and Oreo Cookie & Fudge Brownie (we don’t need to explain that). We were told that the Pom-Berry Belini is one of their specials and we now know why. It was excellent and fresh and we savoured it until the very end. The Oreo Cookie & Fudge Brownie is for the hard-core chocolate lovers and from one to another, it was quite good.
We moved on to the starters which were Moroccan Fried Mushroom and Hummus and Pita Bread. Hummus, a delicacy from the Middle-East, which I personally grew up binging on, was the best in the city I’ve had, yet. There was a hint of paprika in the Hummus, a twist which I enjoyed. The Moroccan Fried Mushroom was marinated in Moroccan spices and crumb fried and was served with huancaina (a spice and creamy sauce) which we enjoyed immensely.
At this point, we were feeling a little heavy, so decided to order just the Pizza Georgios for the main course. The Pizza wasn’t a wood-fired pizza but was absolutely delicious. The crust was thin and the cheese melted in our mouths. Don’t even get us started on the delicious sauce which was finger-licking good.
Fall in Love at BYLI- Bet You Love It 
Now, for the finale – the desserts. We had to loosen up our seams and walk over to the beautiful pastry showcase and painstakingly choose between the oh-so-gorgeous desserts. After a bit of hustling, we decided to split the Red Velvet Cake. And guess what? You bet we loved it!
 What we had:Pom-Berry Belini
Oreo Cookie & Fudge Brownie
Moroccan Fried Mushroom
Hummus & Pita
Pizza Georgios
Red Velvet Cake