Fabelle Launches ‘Societe De Chocolat masterclass series’ with Billie McKay, Masterchef Australia Winner 2015

In an exciting move for budding chocolatiers and connoisseurs, Fabelle has launched Societe De Chocolat, a series of Masterclasses devoted to introducing the nuances of chocolate making to the Indian consumer and developing an appreciation for luxury chocolates in the subcontinent.

This inspiration didn’t come about by chance, however. Upon interaction with consumers at Fabelle Boutiques across the country, Fabelle’s Master Chocolatiers recognized the interest that customers had in the various origins of cocoa, different cocoa flavor notes, techniques involved in chocolate making like tempering and conching and were keen to understand how exquisite chocolate creations and desserts were crafted. They also noted the gratification that occurred when customers were involved in crafting their own creations, hence the As You Name It initiative.

MasterClass With Billie Mckay

With this in mind, Fabelle’s Societe De Chocolat masterclass series has been introduced at all chocolate boutiques teaching young and old the tricks of the trade, from tempering to plating. Fabelle now plans to conduct special masterclasses with well known international experts for the emerging chocolate connoisseurs in the country and they started off with a winner (quite literally). Billie McKay the MasterChef 2015 Winner came all the way to the Ooru to demonstrate the iconic ice cream sandwich at the ITC Gardenia with the help of resident Master Chocolatier Ruby.

Fabelle Launches ‘Societe De Chocolat masterclass series’ with Billie McKay, Masterchef Australia Winner 2015

The interactive experience saw prizes won for knowledge in all things chocolate, and chocolate mood boards brought out where everything, from the cocoa butter to the finished ice cream sandwich, was tasted. Billie peppered the Masterclass with anecdotes of her time on MasterChef, such as when her semifreddo for her ice cream sandwich didn’t set, or how difficult it is to temper chocolate in the MasterChef kitchen, as well as insight on the amount of time contestants stay in the MasterChef house (7 months).

Of the experience, Billie said, “Creating distinctive experiences is in itself an innovation and a step towards being unique and Fabelle as a brand champions that. I have always thought that a memorable experience comes with the urge to create something for yourself, by yourself. With Fabelle, one really gets the opportunity to discover their passion for chocolates and that is why my association the brand is so very special. Luxury has always been an end product and seldom do we get an opportunity to experience the creation. This has now been transformed by Fabelle into an active and participatory experience.”

Fabelle Launches ‘Societe De Chocolat masterclass series’ with Billie McKay, Masterchef Australia Winner 2015

Fabelle Societe De Chocolat classes are conducted by their highly skilled Master Chocolatiers, in the setting of their luxury boutiques in select ITC hotels across the country and the classes have already been well received by consumers across markets. Extending the Societe De Chocolat initiative, Fabelle has now opened its doors to different sets of chocolate lovers like children, mothers and kids, corporates etc in which the learning content is tailormade as per requirements.