Fabelle Launches A Second Gourmet Chocolate Boutique At ITC Windsor in Bengaluru


Fabelle Chocolates, one of the best known and most celebrate luxury chocolate brands in the country, has launched their latest gourmet chocolate boutique at ITC Windsor in Bengaluru, following the successful launch at ITC Gardenia.

The evening was filled with music, Fabelle chocolates, and lots of celebrations. There was also live demonstrations and a tête-à-tête with the Fabelle Master Chocolatier who talked about the intricacies and craftsmanship that goes into the making of each piece of Fabelle chocolate. There was also a four-course treat made from single-origin chocolate sourced from Venezuela, Ghana, Ecuador and Madagascar.

Speaking about the latest launch, Mr.G K Suresh, Vice President of New Category Development at ITC’s Foods Division said, “The event was conceptualised to delight chocolate connoisseurs who seek an evolved chocolate experience. At ITC, we have always endeavoured to create world class products and with Fabelle we will present an engaging experience for the discerning consumers who are passionate about the finest luxury products. With this launch, we look forward to further cater to the modern day, well travelled Indian consumer who continues to seek and indulge in the novel experiences.”

Fabelle has a range of exquisite luxury chocolate creations, each distinctly different from the other. Fabelle Elements are pralines inspired by the elements of nature, Fabelle Ganache is made of soft cubes of exotic cocoas churned with butter and fresh cream. Fabelle As You Like It are personalised chocolate cup creations that come with different options for fillings and toppings. Fabelle Single Origin Cacoas are bars of chocolate crafted using cocoa from six different countries – Madagascar, Dominican Republic, Venezuela, Ecuador, Sao Tome and Ghana). While the Fabelle Gianduja is a recreation of Italian delicacy with an infusion of hazelnuts into rich, creamy milk chocolate.

Each of Fabelle’s chocolate boutiques provide a wide range of desserts and cocoa beverages created by fresh by Fabelle Master Chocolatiers.

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