Experience the World on Your Plate – Wed’street’day at Kava, Fairfield by Marriott ORR

Cities and towns around the world may change with the passing of years but the stories and traditions stay embedded in the dishes served on the streets!

Experience the World on Your Plate - Wed’street'day at Kava, Fairfield by Marriott ORR

To bring this legacy of authentic street flavors from around the world, Kava at Fairfield by Marriott has designed the Wed’street’day to celebrate street food of the world every Wednesday. From Mediterranean delights like kibbeh and shawarma, Parisian desserts like sweet crêpes, mouthwatering chaats from Mumbai, banana leaf-wrapped parcels from Malaysia, cheese
buns from Brazil, the lunch buffet will have you experiencing gastronomic delights from across the globe on your plate!

So, if you’re looking to take a long lunch, and sample some of the street food wonders of the world, head to Kava, next Wednesday!

Venue: Kava, Fairfield by Marriott Bengaluru ORR

Day: Every Wednesday

Timing: 12:30 pm – 3 pm

For Reservation call: +91 9513584683

Price: INR 799 + taxes