Experience The Grandeur Of L’Eclair Studio At Blue Tokai

Coffee tastes best when served with the right dessert. Taking inspiration from Blue Tokai’s freshly brewed variety of coffees, we at L’Eclair Studio have put together eclairs and eclair tarts that will be a match made in heaven, perfect for the cozy weather.Our Coffee inspired Eclair and Eclair tarts: Coffee with Vanilla Eclair, Coffee Almond and Chocolate Eclair, Tiramisu Eclair and Coffee caramel with Chocolate Hazelnut Ganache tart . And if you are looking for a different flavour that goes well with your coffee then Raspberry Eclair or Apple Cinnamon with crumble tart is what you need.
About L’Eclair Studio:
Started by Sandhya Seshadri who quit her job of 12 years in Advertising to pursue her passion of baking as a career, the studio champions Eclair shape in all it’s glory – eclairs, tarts and cakes. In her own words, “The eclairs are perfectly sugar balanced, artfully decorated and use pure chocolate and authentic ingredients. Eclairs are so versatile, you can play with so many flavours and decorate them with popping colours”.

About Chef Sandhya Seshadri:
Chef Sandhya initiated her own dessert venture of éclairs named L’Éclair Studio. She started off her education by doing her post graduation degree from Xavier’s Institute of Communication in Marketing and Communication. Working in an advertising agency, Sandhya has always had great passion for baking. She used to make time for her passion by baking on weekends and hosting bake sales. She lives by the motto that the brand should create a variety of flavour combinations that no one else has had in Mumbai and make them look stunning, like they say ‘you first eat with your eyes and then with your mouth.’

Dates: July 27 – August 10
Time: 10 am to 11 pm
Venue: Blue Tokai, Ground May Flower Apartment 1, New Kant Wadi, Lane, Bandra West, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400050


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