Experience Prohibition Era At Bandra Hideout

Experience Prohibition Era at Bandra Hideout

How you know you’re drinking a great prohibition-era Cocktail? To find out head out to the city’s first Bandra themed no frills speakeasy bar – Bandra Hideout.

The restaurant takes you back to the era when prohibition not only made our life hard but also our drinks. Served in an old-style hipflask and named after Bandra aunties, the speakeasy bar offers some of the most unconventional cocktails from the era like Aunt’s Double Dose, Mari Aunty’s Kettle, Whisky Samba, Gilbert Special, (the) Bandra Lady are some of the favorites here.

Complementing the cocktails the restaurant also serves some of the lip-smacking appetizers like Garlic Milano Prawns, Chicken Satays, Sicilian Garlic Chicken, Chorizo Pizza and many more.

So what are you waiting for? Make your way to Bandra Hideout to discover your favourite prohibition drink!