Experience Ordering Food Via The AR Technology At This Mumbai Restaurant
January 7, 2019
Shruti Anand (1646 articles)

Experience Ordering Food Via The AR Technology At This Mumbai Restaurant

Partnering with peAR Technologies, Sandoitchi located at Powai area of Mumbai let’s customers order through augmented reality (AR) technology. The customers get a smartphone on each table equipped with this technology and compile dishes like sandwiches the way they would like it. Three dimensional ingredients appear before them and they can pick and throw them around. Currently, one can do this only with their Max Mex Doitchi (a type of sandwich), nachos and molten lava cake.

Use AR Tech To Order Food

Mid Day spoke to Dharmin Vora, one of the partners at Sandoitchi who said, “A while back when I went to a restaurant and placed my order, I was thoroughly disappointed with what I got. That was when I thought how incredible it would be if every customer could actually see the food before ordering it. This not just strikes out chances of wasting food, but also drives sales for restaurants.”

“We first took pictures of the food and then created a prototype. As of now, we have only added three items on the application. But, by February, we will have all of 40 options from Sandoitchi on the AR menu,” said another partner, Parth Vora.

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Shruti Anand

Shruti Anand

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