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Experience ‘Mejwani Maharashtra Chi’ At Radisson Mumbai Goregaon


If you’ve ever wanted to experience the Maharashtrian culture, then you must experience its food. The best place currently to do so is Radisson Mumbai Goregaon, a hotel that has called upon a home chef Vaishali of Being Marathi to create authentic delicacies. These recipes are heirlooms, passed down from generations and offer a huge variety as you spread out to different parts of Maharashtra.

Each weekend starting from 16th November to 9th December, ‘Mejwani Maharashtra Chi’ will celebrate cuisines from different parts of the state. Western Ghats on the first weekend, Coastal food on the second, the cuisine from Vidarbha on the third and the fourth weekend would celebrate the best of them all. We tried the delicacies from the Western region and were completely mesmerised. Read on to find out the delicacies with savoured.

Treasures Of Western Maharashtra

There are live counters arranged at 180 Degrees at Radisson Mumbai Goregaon serving up Chicken Missal Pav, Kothimbir Vadi and favourite Maharashtrian snacks. After nibbling onto these we tucked in straight away into the Popati. This dish is quite unique as it is cooked in a clay pot with a special plant grown in the Raigad District of Konkan Region. This plant gives it a unique flavour and the chicken and vegetables inside are then cooked under a stack of hay. As the hay burns, the slow cooking process in the pots cooks it all up. Meanwhile the natives enjoy a little song and dance. When this Popati opens there is a wafting aroma and the food inside tastes absolutely out of the world.

Popati being the highlight, the food at the buffet too was sumptuous and a great learning for us. The dishes were made with basic, simple ingredients like, peanut, ginger, garlic and green chillies. The food highlighted was winter food, eaten during this season by the natives. The simple flavours added to the experience of food tasting and we relished Dodka Rassa, Kachchya Vangyache Bharit, Methi Che Bhaji, Mutton Lonche, Kharda Mutton and Kadaknath Kombadvache Kalwan with freshly made, piping hot bhakri and rice.

The sabzis were light, digestive and really delicious. The methi bhaji was made with just three ingredients – green chilli, garlic and methi of course and still shined through. We enjoyed the pickled meat or the mutton lonche, dodka rassa with some rice and the unique brinjal sabzi. The Kadaknath Kombadvache Kalwan though was otherwise a simple chicken curry but the bird itself was unique. This variety of chicken is only available in a certain part of the state and is black in colour right from feathers to bone to the blood, all of it.

The dish we absolutely loved was Vaishali’s mother’s recipe of Kharda Mutton made with green chilli, coriander, ginger garlic paste and khada masala. It is fiery and we simply couldn’t stop eating it. We doused down the spicy dish with a bite from the Olya Narlyachya Karanjya, a special coconut sweet preparation from the coastal region of the state. This brought our experience to an end but left us with a lasting impression of the Maharashtrian cuisine. You too should head down to Radisson Mumbai Goregaon on a weekend of your choice and relish these authentic delicacies.