Experience Healthy Living With Eatfit’s International Cuisine Fit Fest

Healthy eating is all the rage, and celebrity chefs like Jamie Oliver are doing their part to make it mainstream. Curefit is doing their part to make Bengaluru fitter and healthier with their Cultfit training centres and their recently inaugurated Eatfit kitchens which deliver healthy food straight to your doorstep.

Eatfit currently has three kitchens in Sarjapur, HSR Layout, and Whitefield, and deliver in a 4-6 kilometer radius in order to ensure that your food is piping hot! Headed by Chef Jason DeSouza, a Cordon Bleu diploma holder who even worked under Gordon Ramsay, this healthy food has a gourmet twist and doesn’t compromise on taste one bit.

Experience Healthy Living With Eatfit's International Cuisine Fit Fest

Eatfit is currently in the middle of the Eatfit International Food Festival – Fit Fest – from the 20-25th of November. The food festival focuses on bringing global delicacies to the audience of Bangalore and busting the myth that tasty food cannot be healthy. A general perception is also that gourmet food is high on calorie intake and good taste comes with high calories.

Eatfit’s International food festival will serve 5 cuisines on 5 days that are exotic yet healthy. The cuisines that you’ll be able to enjoy are Italian, American, Indian, Mediterranean, Oriental, and Mexican Cuisine which you can order on the Curefit app.

We got to talking with Chef Jason DeSouza about the nitty-gritty details involved in running a gourmet kitchen that uses only healthy ingredients. Here’s what he said.

What Are Some Of The Ingredients That Are Banned From The Eatfit Kitchens?

“There are 8 key ingredients – maida, refined sugar, cream etc that do not enter the Eatfit kitchen, these ingredients are replaced by more native and healthy ingredients like – jaggery, tofu, and greek yoghurt. We try to replace the carbs with a higher level of protein and vegetables.”

What Are Common Misconceptions People Have About Healthy Food?

“Well, obviously, most people think that healthy food can’t be delicious. Food with a low caloric value doesn’t automatically equate food that you wouldn’t like to eat. For example, our pizzas are a bestseller, however, we don’t use any cheese, but instead, substitute a dressing that tastes just as good.”

Experience Healthy Living With Eatfit's International Cuisine Fit Fest

How Difficult Is It To Come Up With Healthy Recipes?

“It takes me around 20 man hours to come up with a recipe. Even then, that doesn’t necessarily mean the recipe will become a part of the menu. We have a rating system from 0-4 and we ensure that only recipes with a rating of 3.5 or higher make it on the menu.”

What Is The Level Of Hygiene Employed In Your Kitchens?

“All of our vegetables are triple washed, we have a completely separate area for the butchery. In addition to that, we conduct swab tests periodically in order to ensure that the microbacterial level is as low as possible.”

How Popular Are Healthy Superfoods Such As Flaxseeds And Quinoa?

“Actually they’re extremely popular, much more popular than I would have initially thought. Although, we do try to source locally. For instance, we source a local millet instead of using quinoa which, in my opinion, is tastier.”

What Are The Benefits Of Ordering From The Eatfit Kitchen?

Experience Healthy Living With Eatfit's International Cuisine Fit Fest

“We advertise ourselves as home food, that you don’t have to cook yourself. We have options where you can order a dish on a one-off occasion or you can get a pack for, say, five days, leaving the weekend for cheat days. Each dish has a strict calorie count so customers have a better knowledge of what they’re putting into their system.

Actually, I once weighed over 100 kilograms and lost 35 kilograms around 8 years ago, so I know that eating right makes a world of difference.”

You can order Eatfit meals on the Curefit app or on Swiggy.