There Exists A Unicorn Pizza & We’re Done Living On This Planet #POLL


So we live in the 21st century and in addition to a number of technological advances, we’ve also evolved as a race with a taste and liking for experimental foods. Case in point, the at times brilliant but more often than not bizarre food trends that the world has seen in the past few years. Of which the most prominent and madly loved has been the unicorn food trend. But isn’t it time we moved on to some other trend and leave the multicoloured foods behind? We think so but the makers of this unicorn pizza clearly don’t.

Yes, in addition to unicorn toast unicorn Frappuccino, unicorn hot chocolate, unicorn bagels, and whatnots, there now exists a unicorn pizza as well! Turns out the charcoal food trend failed to prove effective in taking people’s attention off the pastels after all. So what is this new Unicorn food? The unicorn pizza is basically one big lump of colourful sugary dough painted in dreamy hues and topped with fluffy cotton candy. Take a look.

Unicorn pizza exists and it’s basically a giant sugar cookie covered in fluffy cotton candy ✨?? #cosmobites

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Envisaged by a New York City-based restaurant, Industry Kitchen, this new Unicorn hued fast food has been christened the Pop Candy Land Pizza. Because, obviously! Will you look at that burst of colours? It’s like a pantone flipbook threw up on a gigantic sugar cookie! So yeah, it’s vibrant, sweet, and a dream come true for sugar fanatics. But are you up for this unicorn pizza (seriously, why couldn’t they just call it unicorn cookie?)? Vote below and let us know!

Feature Image: Instagram | Danielle Tullo